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Okay heres the thing, I have come to a grim conclusion of quiting this stupid college. I am not proud of it, but when one's becomes very fusterated, one's has no choice but to drop out. To fail the classes and get bad GPA on your record is not ideal. So I have two choices, to try and work very hard to get all A's to bring the grades up with missing class I have missed. Or quit to save yourself the burden.

You see, my new intepreter accepted this job and keeps missing classes on me. She claims to be sick with a disorder that causes her intense migrane. I dont know if shes telling the truth or fibbing. And the other thing is, im not happy with the courses either nor with the college. They stink, obviously.

So with that, I am applying to another college, its either back to RIT, Rochester, NY. Or Central Michigan University. I can be either miserible about it or suck it up and finish the college with Interior Design major.

I am really close to my mother, my father and brother can fuck off. They are like the wicked sisters in Cinderalla. Vicious and rude, how very Heterosexual. Which makes it harder for me to leave her. Shes like my best friend and my mother. She accepts my sexuality, even though she doesnt agree with it. "Im her last baby and always be her baby," as she would say. "I Love you, son, but why dont you get a girl and get it over with?" Arrgg but giggles. I know that sounded rude but other than that shes awesome. Then theres RIT which would enable me to have more new deaf friends, and deaf teachers to sign! Go to CMU in the dorm and still live 20 mins south from mom, or go to RIT and have alot of deaf friends and good education? Hmmmmm complicated as it sounds huh. Blah.

Dont you wish you could live in two different worlds?


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your life

Have you ever read Catcher in the Rye?