Random IMs

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I love it when random people IM me. I just got IMed by someone whose screen name looks like a reference to Joseph Stalin.

I talked a little with this (guy/girl). He (she) wouldn't tell me where they got my AIM name. It always freaks me out when this happens. I was scared that Joe might be a wicked insane stalker, but at the same time, I was kind of excited. OOoohh, talking to somebody new! The anonymity of the internet is so great.

Ha - Joe claimed that his name is Dusty. You wish, honey. How many people out there are really named dusty. I gave him the name that I always give to complete strangers - Coltrane.

He randomly brought up the subject of blogs. (Hmm...I wonder: Has this guy seen me on Oasis - is he just playing dumb?) Ok, Dusty. Come on out. Tell me who you really are.

Oh well. In other news, Dad wants to talk with me more about "that stuff we talked about around Christmas." (When I came out to the parents). Ok, Dad. We'll talk more about how incredibly GAY I am. About my GAYNESS and the idiocy of my HOMOPHOBIC school. We'll talk about my nonexistent BOYFRIEND. We'll talk more about how you can accept the fact that I am a FAG.

You will try once again to convince me to change my sexual orientation. And I will tell you NO, because I am not going to marry a girl (that I don't really love anyway) and have kids and then tell her half way through the marriage, "Sorry, honey. I'm gay."

All right, Father - Bring it on!



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are you a jazz musician?

I like that you have a name prescribed for strangers. Have you been on Oasis long? This is the first I've seen you.

Habit is the ballast that chains a dog to his vomit. - Samuel Beckett

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I'm new!

Yeah, I'm pretty new to Oasis. I tried to join before it went off the internet, but it never worked.

I'm a musician, but I haven't played jazz in a while. Nice quote, by the way.

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good luck

with your parents. The "in your face" sort of approach may be most effective if they are still in denial. It helped break down a wall or two between my mother and myself recently. She was trying to ask questions: "I want to know why."

My perverse little self thought, okay. you want to know why. well, I can't tell you WHY, but I can sure as hell tell you every single sordid detail... and I proceeded to give her the rundown of my crazy lesbian existence. She was a little shocked, but I think it worked.

~Linds, Fabulon sex shop owner and resident Chaucer enthusiast :-)