Servicing the Soccer Team...

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Now that I have your attention...The other night I posted a 'thought' about Porn...Now I've come to another situation that allows for the same line of thinking to apply. No, this has nothing to do with Porn or rape, however it does have to do with distraction and blame...And yes, I'll mention the soccer team again...

Gossip. What is it? I have a friend who performs a fabulous one man skit, portraying himself as a 1930's high society southern belle. In it he sits of a porch, sipping his sweet tea, while wagging his tongue as Blanche. Blanche knows everyone, and is very informed as to their 'dirt', and though she's "Not one to gossip,"...Blanche tells it all to anyone who will listen.

You see, you come away knowing absolutely nothing about Blanche, and everything about the people of her town. She keeps you smiling and occasionally drops you to the floor laughing while tears flow down your cheeks. She'll make your gut ache you laugh so much, and you won't be able to wait till you see her again. By the time the performance is through, you'll think of her as a fun southern woman...though you'll know absolutely nothing about her.

That is the key to gossip. It allows for conversation in situations where you don't feel you have anything to say, but should, or in situations where you don't feel you have anything of interest to say about yourself. And lets be realistic, it's not like anything you say is ever going to be repeated, after all gossip is always among friends.

Gossip when decorated correctly, distracts from the person sharing, the person sharing because they don't think they themselves are as interesting, or interesting enough. Gossip distracts people from our 'not quite perfect hair', from 'the zit above our left eyebrow', or from 'the fact that we are servicing the soccer team'. Gossip is simply a tool to keep ourselves 'safe' and 'undiscovered'. It's, 'possibly', a sink hole to somewhere we aren't going to want to be when we get there. And the interesting thing is that it has the potential to destroy, though not the subject of gossip, but rather the one spitting the 'poison'. It brings about drama, intrigue, and interest. And in the end, this act performed to keep us safe, destroys us from the inside out...but you'll never hear that from Blanche.

But then again...this is 'Just A Thought'.