Should we ask her?

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Hey y'all I'm Chris from Texas. My friends and I need some advice, we're really frustrated. You see, our whole basketball team are best friends--we do everything together--even our coach. We talk with her about everything, personally, she's like my best friend. The only thing is, we all know she's gay, and she tries to hide it in all these ridiculous ways and it's driving us insane... She has no clue that we know and that some of the girls on the team are gay also (including myself)and we're sick of all the lying and deceiving--it's ridiculous. We'd like to confront her about this, but don't want to make anything awkward. It's already awkward enough as it is, i don't think confrontation will do anything but help... what do you think we should do?

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let her know that gay is ok

Maybe you could let her know that your gay or that you are ok with gay people. talk about girls in front of her or something maybe. Perhaps if she knows you guys are comfortable with gay people then she wont feel like she has to hide part of herself from you. good luck.
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well, if she doesn't want to come out to you, then she obviously doens't want you to know. don't force the issue.

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I agree with Amy

Confronting her could be quite harmful. Hurtful, to say the least. Come out to her, rather than forcing her to do anything she doesn't want. And if she doesn't respond, she doesn't respond. Don't push it.

If she came out would the entire team be fine with it? Would the administration be okay with it? Would everyone's parents be okay with it? If she comes out to her students, it's highly likely that word will trickle back up. She may simply deem it inappropriate -- you are underage. It could look bad. If I was in her position, I wouldn't come out either.


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come out urselves if you want, but don't confront her...

possibly her administration has told her or implied to her that she shouldn't come out. it's also possible she's not out to staff. check out articles about it with

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