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I'm supposed to be reading now but I'm not. I'm sitting in fron tof my computer listening to AIR and thinking about this dream I had last night and wondering what it ment.
In my dream something had happened, I don't know what maybe nothing, and I found myself outside a building on the campus of my sister's school (a long way from where I live). I was really sda and really worn from school to the point that when I saw her I just hugged her adn started crying. suddenlly my mom and grandmom were there as well and the building became some sort of mix between Urban Outfitters and Ikea. They were shopping for her and I was just standing around there trying to pull myself together. It was like when i would freak out as a little kid. I have no clue what this means.
Next thing I remember is waking up to find that I was 15minutes late for my French test that I wasn't really prepared for. Comment on dit 'fucked' ?

Time to read.


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Theres a site that could help you there. Theres alot of imformative dreams and stuff that tells you what it means. Theres also Dream Dictionary. Check it out okay. I hope you figure it out. Hugs

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A formal analysis

*Metrored sitting on couch. Correction, laying on couch. Dr. Sigmund eTgen sitting in a chair. He talks with a thick German accent*

Vell, Mr. Metrored, I can call you G