small steps

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Happy Tuesday. I'm cheerfully ignoring Boccaccio this hour, having made it through French class despite being unprepared. It turned out that we were talking about Rimbaud and Verlaine -- I can do gay at the drop of a hat!

A very nice, very cute (but very straight and married, sigh) GS student in my French class -- Veronica -- just moved to New Jersey. The commute is just as long as it was from Queens, where she was before, but it's on the train rather than the subway -- meaning it can be a productive commute, and it's a million times cheaper, and she has trees.

I miss green, growing things. What I'd really like to do is learn how to drive and move to the northern end of the Bronx, or Westchester/Rockland counties. I don't feel like much of a city girl anymore.

In truth, if I end up doing graduate work anywhere in Manhattan, I'll probably need to stay in the city. The hours are insane, after all. Even living seven blocks from campus feels like a hellish commute if you leave at 8:30 AM and return at midnight.