Small UI Inconsistency :O

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When you start a new topic(like I am right now), it doesn't tell me what HTML tags I can and can't use.

And speaking of HTML tags I can and can't use, why can't we use &; but we can use ? :o

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Oh dear, it won't let me edit

Oh dear, it won't let me edit that one...

I meant to say, why can't we use <pre>, but we can use <form>, and <input>?

If you happened to be a rude type of person you could post something terribly malicious like...

Order a Sexy Oasis Mag T-Shirt and let everyone know how much of a suppressed closet case you are!
Your Name:
Your Credit Card Number:
Any Other Sensitive Information You'd Like in the Wrong Hands:

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thank you for bringing this up.

I mentioned this VERY thing to Jeff many times, but have had to enable it for the
donations page, disabled it again, then jeff needed to modify it again , and somewhere along enabling and disabling it the whole time .. it just got left on the whole time.

FYI .. i am now disabling the form and map/area inputs.. i really don't give a flying fuck if it breaks the donations form.

But thanks for pointing it out

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Oooh, a flying fuck? Would that be an orgasm so powerful it'd blow you across the room? That'd be fun... I better click submit before I start concocting how that'd work... *runs away*

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Get your mind out of the gutter

Well, that's kinda a lost cause

"Two guys walk into a bar. You'd think one of them would have seen it."

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If a straight man is arguing

If a straight man is arguing in the woods, and nobody is there to hear him, is he still wrong? :D

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but it'd be a rite laff for madlibs!!!
gonna go write stoopid shit in the boxes now. :) heeheehee

*runs away like a madwoman...

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Oh dear... What have I started! O_O

Tiki, get on MSN so we can be all giggley!

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Mad Libs

My favorite!

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Trust me...

After running that donations link for many, many months, you have NO concern that anyone will enter information into a credit card form online. :-)