snow day

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It's really quite beautiful out. The sun rising, the snow still coming down everywhere. When the sun comes up in the morning here everything outside of my window turns pink. Today, however, it's white. I can't see the sun for the snow.

I went to the grocery store across the street last evening, about six. I would be surprised if they had any inventory left at all at this point. I had to wait for some guy to dump his vegetables onto the conveyor belt at the check-out and then -- quick! -- take his shopping basket. After I found everything I needed, I stood in one of the check-out lines for forty-five minutes. There were 18 people ahead of me for one of the seven cashiers, and that was the shortest line.

Paranoid people. Buying gas masks so quickly no one can keep them in stock. Duct-taping and plastic-sheeting their dorm room windows for fear of chemical and bacterial agents. Stocking up on bottled water in case the water supply is contaminated. Buying out the grocery store the night before a big storm, because who knows if they won't have to close the bridges or something? Island living aids paranoia. The fear of isolation.

This morning, after a night warring with my stomach, I rose to find that all of our classes were cancelled for the day. I trudged to Barnard anyway for my gyn appointment. Six blocks is a long journey if nothing's been shoveled. I showed up, covered with snow, my hair frozen and my feet soaked, only to find out that Health Services was -- like everything else -- closed for the day. Oh, darn. I guess I'll be giving the speculum a miss. *wink*



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American Psychie

It never amazes me how people panic and rush out to buy supplies when there is a storm, in the 2-3 days it takes to clean up snow completely in a city, you won't starve to death, the roads will have snow, its not like they will be totally impassable. And as for biological and chemical weapons attacks? the public is fooled into beleiveing there could be a large scale deployment of it. and that sinply tapeing windows and doors shut will save them. it won't. unless you live in a complete vacum nothing will save you. Terrorists lack the ability to of a large scale deployment of this. large scale deployment also means large amounts of it. and many of the chemicals the Bush "regime" has fear mongered to the american public cannot be made by some terrosists in a garage in the back yard of a long island home. If any attack occurs in NA it would be in a subway or other confined venue such as a stadium, for maximum effect with small amounts and small scale deployment. attacking suburbia where homes are spread out? a waste of time for the terrosists, why waste it lawns and gardens when you can wipe out a couple sports teams and steal subway tokens?!