Someone hacked my Hotmail account

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Today started as a great day. Watched Lilo&Stitch on DVD and enjoyed it as much as the first time.

Then, I logged on to hotmail but damn.......somehow I couldn't. In the end, I had to get in through the "forgot my password" link which required me to change my password.

initially, I thought it's just hotmail gona a little crazy. But come to think of it, I couldn't enter becoz my password was incorrect. Strangely, i didn't change it!! the only explanation would be someone answered my secret question, changed the password and logged in to me account.

now, i'm freaking out. In my mail box has this pile of mail from this guy I USED to like. The problem is, i'm not out to ppl (not those who would resort to hacking my mail box anyway) What should i do now? the last thing i need is to have some idiot making copies of my personal gay mail and distribute to every living organism i know...........

and i have no idea who went through my mail........damn damn damn.............i don't know what to do........i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight.........damn, now i can't even organize my thoughs....accept my apology if i sound incoherent.........

i do have one suspect, he got into my mailbox b4 but i couldn't call him (of course, who the hell has their phone turned on at 2am) if it's him, i hope he's understanding or something...........damn damn damn.....i should have erased those damn mails.........i don't even like the guy anymore........


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ppl pls

anyone knows if it's possible to maybe know when your hotmail password was changed last or a list of times your account has been accessed in the last week or something??

i would be thankful if someone could give suggestions as to how i can confirm whether someone got into my account.....

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Hotmail sucks

only thing i would suggest si grin and bear it. and change yer password to something no one would assicate with you at all, and make yer password qiestion vague. and as for who was contacted? bite the bullet and come out,the water is just fine