Sonnet for Valentine's Day

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I was angry and sad earlier and I just felt like writing poetry. Now I'm tired, but feeling much better. Ok, so it's alliterative and it sounds old-fashioned. It made me feel better.

Sonnet for Valentine's Day

When buds unfurl and creeping vines are new,
The rumbling wind and sky and pounding rain
Shall sweep away the snow that does remain.
Then birds shall sing and cows, their anthem, too.

But now we lie in deep and darkest night.
The loneliness of life has settled in.
The pain of love has stripped away our skin.
The clouds have eaten all the precious light.

The great Red Saint has given you this day
To touch, to kiss, to have and hold your love.
But we who have no love must all beware,
The Saint will slice our veins if we don't pray,
Sing songs of lark, and not of mourning dove -
This year, The Saint will see us burst and flare.