Sorely neglected....

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I feel that I have been neglecting this site, and that makes me sad! Sad in a manic kind of way, but still sad! I've been doing some blogging on my new domain, so check out Stentorian if you'd like. Also, drop me a line on AIM, but I must warn you, I'm not much of an internet talker. I SHALL return and be more active here!

Nothing too exciting is happening on this side. My band, which does NOT suck, will be having a show soonish, and I hope that I can get some sound clips up somewhere on the internet. And I'm actually doing something on Valentine's Day! It's not datish, but at least I'm going to be with other lonely people! I will still wear all greys and blacks and listen to My Bloody Valentine, as always, but I'm also going to see my friend's band play! With people I like! YAY! I had a chance to ask a cute boy, but I chickened out, since we haven't spoken in MONTHS. Ok, I'll end this, and spew my mania on this website more later! No worries:) (and I mean that! NO worries! Or I will find where you live and beat the worries out of your corpse!)


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Aww...I've missed your sensel

Aww...I've missed your senseless threats! *hug*