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Survivor, American Idol, Sexist Man or Woman Alive, are they sterotyping them for looks, the way they wear, how they are and their weight status?

Do they happen to realize that there are millions of ppl out there feeling like shite becuase of the tv personal gain? What is their goal? To increase the onlookers and the interest of Americans and other countries to look onto them and think they are superior than us? Thats full of b.s! Excuse me for swearing kids but its just utterly low and shameful. There should be a tv show for the sexiest fat man on the planet, or somthing with brains and the moxie award for their good acheivements or the good things they did. Them good lookers cant help but showing off for cock and pussies to gain their sexual bias and have ppl drooling for the best!

That makes me want to vomit!!! I avoid them at all cost , why? They are not worth watching and its a waste of my time. They can do their own shite and they'll end up just like another one of the druggies whore or ppl who invested baddly on NEWSLETTER Tabloids. I wish them best of lucks in the slums.


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Hush, I buy tabloids. :P