Sun, Fun and Boys, boys boys....

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Well, the weekend was marvelous once again, as my weekends are all apt to being (give or take 3 fabulocity points).

I got the news that my housemate (my queen , and my consumate fag-hag , shania) and her fiance (housemate mk2 , fabulous underground progressive dj and computer geek) have won a R100 000 dream wedding. At current exchange rates, that is like ~10 000 Dollars. I am so happy for them =) ... plus , I get to be a bridesmaid.

Friday involved a big beat-em-up evening with my friends, with me finding my legs in marvel vs capcom , and mortal kombat 2. Switched over to Snow Brothers and Dungeons & Dragons : Shadows over Mystara later in the night though. (not to mention a healthy smattering of Puzzle Bobble 2) After my 3 friends left on saturday night , i wanted to read like 50 pages of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but ended up finishing the entire fucking thing (~300 pages). What an awesome book. Anyway , my reading list now has .. Neil Gaiman - American Gods, Neal Stephenson - Diamond Age (which reminds me, i need to track down my copy of cryptonomicon) and Greg Bear - Eternity (although i should probably read Eon first .. eternity being a sequel and all).

Saturday involved the Sun City trip with the people from work and some friends. Great turnup .. in excess of 30 people having pitched up .. it was a really nice day , with absolutely fucking perfect weather (30 degrees celsius and cloudless ... all day). The boys.. oh my , oh my. Apart from the lifegaurds (especially the tall dark , bronze and tatooed hunk (jason fyi)) the boys there were so incredibly hot it was fucking eerie. How did all those 17 year old boys get those perfectly toned gym bodies? MMmmMMM .. afterwards I went to the movies and saw The Ring.. which I didn't find all that 'scary' .. or maybe 'tense'/'terrifying' is a better description. It was however very dark , twisted and supremely well paced.. and Noah just drop dead gorgeous ..

Today is spent working.. hopefully i finish early and get some oasis stuff done.. but i am not holding my breath.