Swap meets and other shopping...

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Yesterday I bought some undies with a rainbow strip across the top. I have a wide variety of underwear now...

I also bought some pants and have decided that it is impossible to simultaneously have curves and pockets.

I love mens pants. Deep pockets, overall better make, wide belt loops. However, they aren't designed for curves.

Women's pants rarely have functional pockets, and if they do they aren't very deep.

*shakes fist*

Then that brings me to shoes. Why, why, why do straight women voluntarily torture themselves for "beauty"? Heels are dangerous! That goes for you too, bois. No support, and if you fall, you break your ankle.

Anyway, enough clothing rant.

I went to the famous Pasadena City College swap meet (first Sunday of the month, every month). This is like a gay man haven. It really is. Flame dames too. It's a really fun ecclectic environment to be in. I always enjoy myself there, it's quite uplifting. We all need a lift every now and again.