t. A. T. u.

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Thoughts on t. A. T. u. ?


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Publicity scam. Although

Publicity scam.

Although if a song about a girl singing about another girl makes the top 20, I won't complain.

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wut lesbian wouldnt luv um?!?! they r absolutly fabulous....i luv um...on publicity scam...well...i dunno...it could be....i dunno y ne1 would put themselves thru that tho...and if it is...thats good 4 them..they should becoem actresses...lol...

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the smiths and tatu

did they do a cover of 'how soon is now?' by the smiths or is it a different song with the same name

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Love 'em

Absolutely love them...Publicity scam...perhaps. Either way their music is great and if it is a scam, then their acting is excellent also! Last weekend their new single was the second most requested song, beat out only by Eminem! Jason

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For the first time I found my

For the first time I found my niche in MTV.

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Is there a gay pop group now?

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Just A Thought...

There will be. Society as a whole will come to accept the reality of two teenage girls in love. This presented to them, and accepted, will next open a door to a group...say two guys and a girl, most likely proclaiming their lust and love for each other...after that we'll see a solo or perhaps guy group, that will come into adoration for the image they will surely portray, modeled directly from t.A.t.U.
It will most likely take a year, maybe two (perhaps that time line is too positive) but it will happen. Of course it will be ensued by drama and flaming attacks from Purists...but this is the American way. Speaking of which, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear rumors of t.A.t.U. performing at the next presidential inauguration! After all, we are a society breaking all the rules we didn't create!


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I heard there's a gay boy-ban

I heard there's a gay boy-band in Germany. I think they might be called Blue or something, though I could be wrong.

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Yeah, a publicity stunt

They've admitted they're not really lesbians. They just play 'em on tv. They use sex to sale their band. They're cute little jailbait chicks and by making out they can just reel in the fans. So it doesn't really help the sexy-lesbian thing that guys fantasize so much about. Though for a poppy-esque song, that song of theirs isn't half bad and this is coming from a Slipknot/Mudvayne/Stabbing Westward/Sex Pistols fan.

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Are you sure.... their website doesn't say that, and I e-mailed them, and they e-mailed back... I'm pretty sure they are.


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Articles anyway

I think it was the Maxim..Maxum..(how ever you spell it) spinoff that focuses more on music and stuff. They had an article in a ish my lil sis got about 'em. That's how I knew about their Russian career about oh...6 months or more ago. It said they fake it for the fame. I'm sure that if you go directly to them ask they'll deny it. That's like hearing that a company has salmonella infected chicken, but if you ask directly they'll deny it to save face. Anyway, I'll try and find the mag and re-read it, but I'm pretty sure it's a stunt.