taking fag and dyke to the next step

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Does anyone even understand what the hell is up with the terms carpet muncher and fudge packer... honestly. Those terms just piss me off. I mean, we can reclaim terms like fag and dyke. But who wants to reclaim the other two, and honestly who came up with them. I'm sorry this post isn't really well thought out, but these terms have just been bothering me and I want to know other people's thoughts on them or anything really. I don't have much of an adgenda with this one, except why? And what the hell? Put downs can be so moronic, and then they just become even more moronic. It's really phenomenal.

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agreed...amen 2 u!
stay heretical &[sic.]4evr!question authority&confromities. morbid intentions,Connie
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Lets see

How about Retard, Dumb, Stupid , Idiot as another terms that annoys the hell out of me. I mean come on, ppl makes those things to make themselves feel good by saying it. Plus the insecure and bigotry. More and more ppl are starting to open up and become more aware now. So hopefully the next generation would be more open than this time frame.

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I dislike the term fag

I really can't explain why, but the word "fag" really makes me angry. Maybe it's the way it can so easily be spat at someone in that horribly degrading tone of voice, but I just don't like it. In jest, however, I think that "fudgepacker" can be somewhat redemable. Or "ass pirate," but that's just because I think it would be fun to be a pirate and wear an eyepatch. No worries:)


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this is really more general..

in that, it's not so much about the terms in question as about how they are used. Common identification is what allows us to reclaim words, really. If another dyke -- have we really "reclaimed" that word? If so, why do I hear it used in a derogatory fashion so often? -- calls me a "carpet muncher", well, it's a wry statement of fact. If my RA's boyfriend calls me that (oh, my sophomore year residential life woes) it's something completely different.