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I think tattoos are very very gross and pernament. While you can take your rings out and let your skin close. Although, theres this little thing I want out of a tattoo, is a small rainbow butterfly, dolphin or somthing on my pubes. Thats all I want and no more. Any suggestions what I should get tattooed with a rainbow? Let me know!


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Or maybe

Maybe a rainbow celtic symbol??? I love celtic designs.

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I have tattoo, a sun design with a celtic knott in the middle of it on my right calf. A tattoo should be something well thoughtout. mine was a snap descision, I now have a dislike for mine. I could get something done over it to cover it up, or i could take a belt sander to it to erase it... but that wuld fuck up my leg hair... lol


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Thats why i mentioned previously that you have to think its somthing you REALLY want and it takes a while to research, find the designs, and mentally prepare yourself of the desaster that you are going to make. So thats why its ideal to find somthing you really WANT so bad and that it should look good on you. I know It happened to some of my friends and they wish they never got it. *smiles* Buyt the sun with celtic design sounds good.

Belt Sander? I think you should get a light feather sander, it;ll give it a nice sheen ;) Kidding! I shave my legs (im a boy!) but I dislike hairs on me!!!

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I love men with hairy legs, turns me on rite some good.....

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I like men with hairy chest. It just soothes me when I rest my head on his chest, run my fingers through it, and hear his heart beating against my ear. Ahhhs