The Biggest Scare of My Life

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I watched the Micheal Jackson special last night. I thought I could stomach Jacko's Wacko-ness. I had two expressions during the entire thing
1)Mouth agape
2)Mouth agape and screaming in horror
How that man is allowed to have children is beyond me. He has issues with children, and the scene where he was feeding "Blanket" was incredibly disturbing. Let's shake the kid uncontrollably while suffocating it with a veil like thing. The way he throws money around, on urns, plastic surgery, the way he makes his kids wear masks in public, and then completely ignores them-oh god. Sharing his bed with children! If he weren't rich and famous from the time he had a smidgion of talent, he would have had his kids taken away, and he would have been comitted a long, long time ago.