The First and Last Time

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The First and Last Time (A poem about HPV)

Simple are your kisses that fall upon my face
Gentle are your hands...warm is your embrace
Magical this evening
That I share with you
I am so unprepared
Not knowing what you will do
Careful are your words
You whisper in my ear
Telling me to touch you
Telling me not to fear
Your hands run over me like water
I am unsure what to feel
I kiss you back though I am scared
Still shocked that this is real
You lay me down I'm trembling
"Don't worry" is all you say
I try to be brave and strong
Though I am so afraid
"Ahh you're hurting me," I whisper
Though I'm sure you did not hear
A key goes in the lock down stairs
My face covered with tears
You penetrate my body
The key turns in the lock
You've taken all my innocence
You've put me into shock


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Okay, this is, I think, the second time I've seen this poem posted here. And I'm hesitant to comment because if this is your personal experience in any way, I mean, it really isn't my place to question that.

Having said that, HPV is not in and of itself fatal. If we're talking about its relationship to cervical dysplasia - whole different cancer related discussion. HPV cannot be cured, but it can be treated. Especially when it's diagnosed early.

Secondly, HPV can be transmitted not only in genital secretions but by genital tissue contact. This means that condoms aren't going to render anyone infalliable. Thus, regular full physicals are important for everyone. As is communication with your partner about their sexual and medical history.

If this is just a poem - it's dangerous to use or endorse uninformed rhetoric for the construction of sexual health propaganda. And if it isn't, get a new doctor.

More info?

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)