the Hospital, and Jail

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I haven't been on for a while, sorry.

On Thursday, my mom found me blacked out in my bathroom. No one comes in my room so I had been there for a while. She couldn't wake me up because I had overdosed on Lituims, and painkillers, not to mention I had been using weed. She took me to the hospital and I had to get my stomach pumped. You don't want that expierence, trust me.

My brother, Jack, he's a year older than me (18) and him and his girlfriend got busted for selling and possesion of coke, and some weed and stuff. They go to court soon.

I got to visit my uncle Ryan in jail. He's my favorite uncle. He's gay, so when I told him about me, back in 2000, I think, he was the one who helped me tell my parents.

Since me and Parker split, I've been single. Now Ashley (an ex-g/f, best friend now) wants me to go on a date with her friend Mitchell, who I've only met once. He's cute, like a jock (he does wrestling or something), but we didn't get along ok. I'm gothic, and he said something about me being fucked up as he put it, and we agrued for a while. But she wants me to give it a chance, so maybe.