The Other Me

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Everyday we talk, we laugh,
we work, we complain.
Thrown together in this
establishment for higher education,
we have forged a bond,
a friendship.

I know what state you're from,
how many siblings you have.
I know that you're passionate
about so many things.
If there's one thing you can't stand
it's injustice.

I've told you about my family.
You know what music I like
and what tv shows I watch.
You know that my roommate and I
"get along"...but aren't best buddies.
You know that I spend way too much time online.

But there's so much you don't know.

You don't know that, so many nights,
I sit alone, wishing I didn't feel quite
so different, so alone.

You don't know that I dream
and lust and long
after what I'm not supposed
to want.

I know who your crush is;
you don't know mine.
I think you would be suprised.

You see, there's this part of me,
a part that so few people know.
It's not that I want to hide
or that I'm ashamed.
It's that I'm afraid...
afraid of myself
afraid of the possibilites
afraid of finally learning who I am.
It's not as real when no one knows.

So many people in this
"well-educated" place
would snub me if they knew.
It doesn't matter that we went
to the same sort of hight school,
have the same classes now, and live
in the same dorms.

I wonder...
what would you do if you knew
the other me?