The Right To Be Stupid?

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In my job, I speak to americans. everyday, all day. all regions of the country, all differnt clases aswell. and one thing I have noticed is. For the most part they are dumb. I often wonder how most of these people make it thro day to day life,, they are that stupid.

Most have no concept of deductive reasoning, and the rest are so Naive in thier life, they would surely be the first to die in a cataclysmic global event.

Is it written in the Amarican Constitution that they have the "Right to be stupid" or is it just further proof that the worlds only super power cannot effctively educate thier own peoples while trying to force thier own politcal beleifs and mores on thrid worl countries?

The American sense of "freedom" will be thier own downfall.



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Have you ever seen...

... "Talking to Americans" on This Hour Has 22 Minutes? Sheer Brilliance!

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so right...

Fabulous....would you pay $1 (or a loonie) to build a dome around the parliment buildings in Ottawa to prevent them from melting, cause they're made out of ice you