The String

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The boy I love gave me a string! Its so pretty, and I was dragging across my face all day, sniffing it, thinking of him and sighing...until I rememberd that he had picked it up off the floor. This is the latest in a series of his signals of attraction for me. Hah! Talk about crappy gaydar. Everything he does I twist into something suggestive...I mean, really, he has a girlfriend.
...But hasn't everybody thought that way aboot someone?
I suppose I must accept that I won't be able to have a boyfriend until I'm safely out of high school and in a stimulating collegy environment.
...But doesn't everybody think that?
Well, I refuse to accept that. No matter how much I suffer, I will not live this lie for three more years. (I'm a freshman.) The doorknob of the closet is already a-turnin', and slowly, slowly, said the sloth, I'm telling more people that "The reason I was looking at that guy is...". Next week I return to the almighty Therapist, and her majesty will grant me the exalted privilege of going to a HATCH meeting.
I can already see the light on the other side of the closet door!


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Go for it, dude!

I'm sophomore, and bi, and I came out last year. I lost soem "friends" but I didn't need them. I can understand ya tho. There was a guy I liked who had a girlfriend, sadly, my sister was the girlfriend. Bad bad situation.

~gIlBy IS gOd~

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Go for it, dude!

:: grinning :: Well, what was it like for you?

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ahhh! closetness,bad, I fought with it since I was in the 4th grade, I'm a senior in high school now, I came out when I was a sophmore. Ahh,the closet, I didn't like it in there. sorry, in a random mood. But you should go for it as son as you can. I waited too long and lost the girl of my dreams. have fun!

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Whillickers, fourth grade?! Well, thanks for the encouragement!