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I'm really good at bitching, but then most of us are, aren't we. Here I sit, all pissy because of something I can't get back...and everything is 100% better for me right now than they were this time last year.

Earlier this evening I started moaning to myself about missing Rick. I was reminded of all the great stuff in our relationship that I miss, and I would have given anything at that moment to simply hear his voice again. But then it hit me. I can't have that's gone, with him. At least that which was, is gone. Though I'm sure I could get something similiar back, with someone else. The catch to it all, would be opening myself to a relationship again. Or at least that would be the majority of it. So having realized this, I don't mind missing Rick. I'm missing the good stuff, and there is nothing wrong with that. And really, I would like to know that he is well, and possibly over some of his own issues. I'd like to know that he is happy and well.