Tim, wish you were born a girl

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Finished running. Tonight


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I'm sorry, but i just can't seem to understand how you run and watch a movie at the same time. I either see you carrying a vcr and a mini tv while jogging through the neighborhood or you run on a treadmill while watching a movie. The latter seems more practical, but hey, to each his own. How do you do it?

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Winter in Alaska

The cardio theater at the gym gave me the idea. We used to have a gold membership which entitled us to raquet ball and all kinds of perks, but as I was the only person in my family to ever use it, (my dad, ever frugal) canceled the membership and bought a treadmill for me. I miss the gym. It was always exciting going, there's a sauna and a high concentration of queers. Not that I ever spoke to them, but nice to see they exist. Gave me a feeling of solidarity. I used to watch Joseph Campbell's mythology DVD's, but I want something new and until I pick out a DVD set I'm trying to catch up on gay cinema.
I run/hike/mountain bike outside like mad in the summer, but I'm terribly susceptible to the cold, so I'm indoors most of the winter. And winter here lasts six months! Are you an athlete?

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