'Tis Luke!

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Yes, I have returned to Oasis, much to the chagrin of the general public! And yes, my constant, manic updates will persist until someone shoots me through the heart with a silver bullet. Anything new with me? Not really. I'm doing forensics, and having a FABULOUS time! I'm in play acting, and we're doing quite well thus far. A lot of queers in the whole forensics expirience! The high point so far is seeing a pink haired lesbian perform selected scenes from "Twelfth Night" by Shakespear. Also, why are there so many gay plays that are cut into dreadfully done, depressing forensics pieces? Ok, for those of you who are unaquainted with forensics, it's speaking/acting/presenting/etc in competitive form. Basically, it's sports for dorks and assorted theater geeks. Now I am so tired, and I may be going to a party/gathering later in the evening. No worries:)