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I had the weirdest dream ever while napping! But that shall come later. I had an unusual day! First of all, it is the most Februaryish day that ever Februaryed in the long prominent history of Februarying. In other words, it looked like a cold London day, with a constant misty rain falling, and no light at all. It was slippery, and I almost died several times going to school. Then a friend was angry at me, but it was something that wasn't my fault, so no drama ensued, unfortunatly. I was also in the newspaper for some article my friend wrote, which was neat! But I hadn't read it until just now. It was really good!

I also was actually GOOD in improv today, which is a deveation from the standard of me sucking and dragging other scenes down with me. Anyway, I had a restful weekend, but have to go to Florida over the weekend! Gah! FOUR DAYS WITH MY FAMILY! I shall not be overly happy, but what to do? At least I'll be able to get some reading done. But it would still be much better to have a four day weekend... C'est la vie! I'm reading Chaucer, which is AMAZING, but makes me want to write only in rhyming couplets, which I am not good at, so instead I wrote a dirty limerick about Nantucket, and the phrase "fuck it."

Now the Dream! I'm rambling, so I'll cut it short. If you wanna see it, go to my other blog at No worries:)