Today's Dr. Phil

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hey, this is my first post on the new Oasis, not that I posted much before, guess I'm not much of a blogger. But today's Dr Phil was about a kid who went to school in my town, Coweta, Oklahoma. They actually showed the high school. Its sparked some conversation in my house b/c I graduated last year and my little sis is in her Senior year, but she chooses to attend alternative school. Why? Because she was bullied for being a lesbian. I caught a little flack, but I was in the closet.

I find it odd though, that I can't remember his suicide. It was during my sophomore or junior year, but I don't remember a thing. I remember Heather, the girl who shot herself in the heart during my sophomore year, but there was an assembly and a prayer time after that...I don't remember any mention of Brandon.

What I find really odd is that I don't remember much in the way of typical bullying...alot of name calling and stuff, but very little typical bullying. Yet evidently it happens constantly and it's extremely bad. How did my friends and I avoid this for the most the degree that we were not only virtually untouched, but also didn't hear about it? We were a group of 4 geeky kids: Doug (me), Joe, Mark, and Clint, we jokingly called ourselves the 4 Horsemen because of our personalities (I was dark and morbid, Joe's a master of military history and techniques, Mark tends to act like a disease, and Clint is rather scrawny plain). Joe and myself had repuations of being extremely smart, Clint stayed out of the limelight, and Mark...Well..Mark got more shit than the rest of us. He tended to act very loud, not to mention the fact that he has a physical deformity that I'm not aware of the term for. Other than people taunting Mark and me getting called 'faggot' a few times in the halls, nothing happened. We flew under everyone's radar...and now...I feel really bad that I didn't know this was going on. I could have tried to do something then. I just can't figure out why we weren't touched much or how I went through my entire high school career without knowing about any of this...Pefect targets not hit, but we were also a group of kids who wouldn't stand for bullying and we didn't see any of it...Hmm...Well, in the words of Forrest Gump: "That's all I got to say about that."