Too many cliches, too many problems

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Too many people stuck between rocks and hard places lately. And jumping from frying pans to fires. God, I wish I knew you people in real life. Then I could help you out and make out with the girls and have lots of zany, queer fun. But I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Homophobic, no-gay-zone environment vs. lots of hot, hot girls with which to make out. Most of the kids seem okay with gays, but I'm worried about the Albertans and other gay bashers. I'd definately get teased and bullied, but everyone likes me and thinks I'm funny, so it might not be that bad. Maybe I should inquire after the happiness and acceptance of Brentwood's ONE openly gay person, who left last year. Robin was his friend. Okay, irrelevant musings over.


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i feel ur pain.

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If it helps...

Just for added support, you will probably be just fine whatever you do. I'm totally out, and the only realy problem I've had is a mild uncomfortablness in some situations. I feel somewhat like an advert for outness! "You TOO can be happy and out!" No worries:)