Umm, I'm a tad bit confuesed!

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Yes, I'm new at this. I don't know exactly what to do here! I read a few ppls blogs, and it seemed like a journal. If I have the wrong idea about this, PLEASE let me know. Until I hear something, I'm not going to post anything else! hehe! Thank you in advance!


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you can....

Until we go back to personal sites, you can write whetever you desire in the blogs. A journal entry, a story, a poem, a song, a rant, etc. Whatever you want, cause afterall, this is your space.
(and that doesn't change, even with the sites)

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Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know! I'm so excited! I can't wait to start writing!


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get to it! get to it!

now i should get dressed so i can get out of here....

~hol, "get away from Oasis Holly," who is now writing down her internal dialogue for all you to view