Unanswered Questions (Wow...such nice work on V-day, huh?)

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I wrote this yesterday after school.

Unanswered Questions

What's wrong with me?
That everyone but me sees....
Why can't I find love?
I'm left here to bleed.

My destiny is to be alone.
This is what it seems.

Why did he leave me?
And hurt me all the way through.
Why do I feel this pain?
And he feels nothing. He shows nothing. I am nothing.

I hate to be alone sometimes.
But sometimes it's a blessing.
But forever?
I just can't live with that.

I've cut my wrists because of pain
I've tried to kill myself because of pain, but it's never worked.
And now my pain runs deeper. What am I to do?

Why do I hurt the ones I love dearest?
I scream at my family, and they scream back. I cry.
I hurt my friends, and guys that have loved me, or at least said they did.
Why don't I have the trust? Why don't I have the ability to breathe?

How can they break each other's hearts so shamelessly?
Why does my consience speak so harsh?
The devil on my shoulders is gone.
There are two angels on the other. They whisper, don't hurt others, even if it hurts me.

I can't take this life. The weight is crushing my shoulders.
No one cares if I'm gone. Why bother?
No one loves me. No one ever will.
I get close to someone, then push them away.

Why? My unanswered questions fill my head until I reach my grave.

And this one I wrote 02/02/03 for my boyfriend but we broke up the 12th. I still gave him the poem yesterday, though.

Valentine's Day Poem


In the cold, heartless world,
You are my only hope.

You bring sunlight back into my face,
I wish I could give you something in return.

You have my heart, Trevor,
And you always will.

I'm writing this for you,
To tell you how I feel.

I love it when you touch me,
And bring me close to you.

I love your smell,
And the way you taste.

I would give my life to you,
For you to live even just one more day.

I try to be perfect for you,
The way you want me to be.

I hope you love me,
As much as I love you.

Forever in your arms,
Nothing esle will do.

With all my heart,