Used Dildo's For The Poor

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This was originally part of my attempts to wooo Hol in her contest to win her heart. it is the expancded version of our "proposed first date"

here goes!


This one time at band camp.... Ok so it wasn't band camp it was summer math courses at one of the local universities. one of my classmates Stated that she was working at a sexuality and health store, selling books and other such pleasure items. She, not knowing that I kissed boys invited me to visit her at work as she stated it often gets boring while she was at work. What a clever girl, ionviteing me to a porno store in hope of seduceing me with porn and sex toys.... little does She know that I am INFACT immune to porn!

So one day after work I decided to drop by and see This Girl at work. Out of sheer curiosity, as I had never been in Any of the local sex shops. Only the ones in Mecca (Montreal). When I arrived at the store She was busy assiting a first time dildo buyer in selecting the right kind of dildo, as i magine these kinds of purchases are important to a first time buyer. While She was helping out this customer I browsed around the store, And at the back of the store I noticed this wooden bin off to the corner. Curiousity got the better of me and I wondered over to the bin. The sign on the bin read "USED DILDOS FOR THE POOR". I lifted the lid and inside the bin were Dildos and vibraters of every size and shape in there. The thought of a program like this was quite odd. who would want to use a dildo of vibrater that used to belong to someone else.

When She was done helping the first time dildo buyer purchase a nice big silver double dong, Buy This time I had wondered ito the leather whips and chains section, She came over and decided to scare ths Sit out of me buy whipping me on the ass with a Tassle.... don't get me wrong, I liked it in all but just caught me off gaurd. I asked her about the "USED DILDOS FOR THE POOR" bin. She explained that the "Sister Hood of Retired Nympho's" Has started a program where people can donate thier old didlo's or vibraters that are not working or the ones that thier owners have grown tired of and replaced with a newer better modle. She also explains the Dildon's and Vibraters are aften donated from the Porn movie Industry which usually uses them for one film. I was the horrified at the thought of poor people useing dildo's that were used. She assured me that they were properly sterilized before re-distrubition on the last thursday of every month.

Since I was feeling a grossed out by what I saw in the "USED DILDO'S FOR THE POOR" bin, I decided to cut my visit short. I made my way home, but everytime I saw homeless person I couldn't help but feel sorry, that not only were these people being unable to satisfy themseleves with a dildo of thier own, but that when they did get one from the SRHN, that it was a refurbished one or used, and so they claim stereilized.

Then the news came that I could take Holly one a date. I spent the time between when you lay down to sleep and actually fall sleep to plan my dream date with Holly.

The day of the date after work I made my way to the Sexuality store. I knew She would not be working, as she was busy doing homework at home, she had called me several times and left voicemail stateing she needed hlep with "homework" and wanted me to come over. I had a plan. At the store I picked out a nice little pink Pleasure Twig, and some Sensational Sensations PLeasure Balm. I decided to skip purchaseing ethe DVD of "Harry Potter and The Sorcerors Boner" as I was unsure if Holly had a DVD player.

I picked Holly up at her apt, and presented the gifts to her and stated they would play an improtant part of our night on the town. We got the Subway to "Gatsby's" a nice little swanky restauarnt with not to exoensive food, but just right... I ordered double order of Poutine for us. We enjoyed the Poutine. And for desert we HAve Beaver Tales smothered in melted chocolait.... And as we were eating the cho9clait covered Beaver Tales, The Restaraunt/Bar that we were at went into its nighttime Mode as a strip bar. and this cheesy porn music came on. Holly asked the Dj if he has any Juniro Vasquez remix versions, but to no avail, they did not have any.

As we left the Restarunt it was already 8pm, just in time. We made our way along the Sidewalks to the local community centre. Today was afterall Thursday, The last Thursday of the month....

As we entered the the Community Centre, gift bag in Hand. We were greeted buy a nice lady in her 50's who was wearing a domintrix outfit with a whip. HOlly was a bit taken aback,. as was I. As we enetred the main Chamber... er... I mean Room of the Center there was a big banner haning that read "DILDO"S FOR THE POOR" in the room there were about 20 poor or homless women and about 2-3 men present. But we were to late, The meting had already started and the poor/homeless people were lined up and already receiving little packages. containing wrapped up Drefirbished or used Dildoo's. Holly asked me why I broght her here, I then stated the Pleasure Twig and balm should be Donated to one of these less fortunate people.HOlly agreed and was very ahppy that I was concerned with the humanity and wesexual welfare of others. We approached the Oraganizer who was at the hea dof the line handing out the Dildo's packages. We explained That we wanted to Donate a new Dildo to one of the people present. The organzier went tinto the line up and picked out a nice frail looking mid 20's lady who looked sex starved. when we gave her the Dildo that was brand new her face lit up like a childs on xmas day. she ran off quickly to the washroom... a short time later the lights flickered a bit.... and screams of pleasure could be herd....

Just as were leaveing from the meeting Beaming in our good deed, and helping to further the sexual well being of a less fortunate person, She walked in. When She Saw me with Holly, You could see the fire in her eyes. She started to scream and holler at me "you ditch me for this!? This tramp! how dare you" and she took a swing at my, narrowly missing my sly grin, and pretty face. She tried to come after Holly, I grabbed Holly's hand and ran from the community center. We ran pretty fast, and never looked back.

When we stoped we were pretty out of breath and breathing rather heavily, A horese drawn carriage was coming along and i flagged it down, and asked if we could have a ride. Holly and me climbed aboard, still out of breath and creathing quite heavliy. We enjoyed ourr ride quite well, we watched the stars as we were drawn along the park paths. The clicky clops of the horses shoes were all that could be herd.

When the horseride was over Holly and I walked Back to her house, as i said goodbye and apoligized for our nite being ruined by She. And asked if there was anything I could do to make it up. Holly Learned forward and wispered into my ear "I still have the Pleausre Balm" and then pulled my by the arm into her apt.....

I hope you enjoyed the story



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scary stuff those used sex toys

Equally as enjoyable the 2nd (or was that 3rd or 4th) time around....

You need to create a link to that Q&A you read the other night.