Utter Poppycock! Michael Jackson on 20/20

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Have you guys seen Michael Jackson on 20/20 interview? I mean GOD! Its utter poppycock! Unbeleivable


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He is so ridiculous! If he wants to sit up in America's face and swear that he's only had one plastic surgery operation, maybe he needs to take a good hard look at why the majority of America doesn't trust him! Especially when he finds it "beautiful" for a 42 year old man to sleep in a bed with children he isn't related to in any way. Did you see the clip of him in Germany? When he kissed that blonde girl and she had a crying fit? Dear Lord! IT'S MICHAEL JACKSON, FOLKS! He was great in the 70's, cool in the 80's a fuggin wierdo in the 90's and beyond comprehension in the new millennium. Someone save us all.

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so sad

It was so sad how they protayed this man. They made the greatest pop star I have ever known into a pathetic insane rich man with three white children who he couldn't have possibly fathered.

I'm mad at 20/20 and Barra Walters.

P.S. interesting that this is 20/20 subject matter when we're preparing to go to war