Victory. Atlast

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Firstly.. i havent gone to sleep yet ... but there is a good reason for this.. as there always is.

Today i wrapped up a multi-million dollar project, which will be used by thousands of people... everyday .. in almost a dozen countries worldwide. I did all this by myself , and the system I have written is probably the system I am most proud of (since it is all my code, and it works.. well!).

I recently got a substantial raise, and most of my issues with my workplace were solved. But today I have gotten word that I am getting a new title/promotion with it aswell. I now get to be a team leader , with my position being more towards the systems analysis side of things than project management.

I have felt for a long time that this is more where my talents/interests lie , ie : taking a problem apart and studying it to define which would be the best and most practical solution , and designing the different interconnected pieces of logic that form said solution.

I also get to work with a good friend of mine , in more of a mentor role than a boss role.. she is a junior programmer who really really really wants to program, but because of how the company was structured up to this point .. she was thrown into the deep end on every little thing. There is so much I want to show and teach her , and I will now get the time .. and renumeration to do so.

I can also now, for the first time in almost 6 months .. take an extended break without work stress interfering with my off time.. which also means .. i will get time to catch up on oasis stuff .. (which i am doing for me as much as i am doing for you).

And i had sushi for lunch... great day i tell you. *bounce*


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aw....u r a big groovy dude. :)

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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congrats on all your hard work and success... oh, and the money, of course.


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See what happens when you're a superhero Adrian, you get rewards! Hehe

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Its instant karma!