Victory... Manners... Parties...

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Welcome back dear readers.
Now if you remember my promise of the previous post- where I was determined to take economics and was fighting a battle. Well victory is mine. I would not accept no as an answer.

I feel as though this has changed me into a stronger person, oh god how chessey does this sound. Please bear with me. Somehow now, I realize that I can do what I want when I want and there is very little that can stand in my way.

Perhaps some confessions:

As per my predicament re the gay groups on campus, I think I discovered the problem. (Oh! How brilliant! The Ogre thinks he has solved the problem- oh this is rich!) I was afraid of these homos, because they lived the life that I so desperately wanted to live. But now however, I could care less what they think. Let them talk about me. Let them laugh behind my back- for you see, dear little ones, they will never understand me! Nor shall they ever have me. You see, I do not want to live the life they lead (hark! Hear I a contradiction, Ogre?) Nie! For I was misguided- I do not want to live a life of a stereotype, but rather the one of an individual!

This incident of taking things into my own hands has shown how much I can accomplish. And I feel good about myself.

I walk with my head high and a have an air of audacity and self-confidence that few people have at this school. I feel now as though I have the upper hand.

Why should I care what so-and-so is doing? thinking? I could care less!

I have also come to a discovery. I hate parties. Perhaps that is too broad. But frat parties are just not my scene. I always have a bad attitude- very pessimistic. And all my expectations of horribleness, are usually met. The parties that I do like are ones with my family and people I like. Not a bunch of vagabonds.


Another bit of information that I have been thinking about is manners. I hate to stereotype but I truly think the North is much ruder than the South. For example, I always open doors for women and let them enter first. Its just natural. But people here don't, and I think its very rude. Also, people are not very nice to the (oh dear, dare I say) lower class workers- janitors, lunch ladies et. al. They never say "I would like... please" They just say "Give me ..." I find this horribly rude and inconsiderate. The same goes with thank you. I mean these people have pretty boring jobs, at least be nice to them. It is my first rule- whether I am the happiest person in the world or the most cynically I always ask "how there day has been" "please" "thank you" and "have a nice day". Does it really take that much effort just to be nice? NO! Just a little bit of extra movement of the vocal chords and wow!- you've made someone's day a little better. You showed that they do exist- not just a means to mashed potatoes!

Sorry for the rant(s) but I needed to get them off of my mind.




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I know how you feel about the whole manners thing. I haven't lived in the South since I was a wee one of 5 years of age, but I do notice that people in my area (Indiana) aren't exactly the nicest people. I try to challenge that by opening/holding open doors for others, regardless of gender, by saying "thank you" "your welcome" "please" and "how are you?" to janitors/lunch ladies at my school and others everywhere I go. The thing that makes it all worthwhile is the occasional genuine smile that you get just by saying those phrases.

My goal is to counteract all those assholes that are impolite in public. For instance, yesterday I went to the bank and this bitch who was outside smoking quickly quit smoking and walked in so that she would be in front of my in the line. I would have been able to at least tolerate that, but when she was walking through the doors, she didn't even bother to hold the doors open for me or make any effort whatsoever to acknowledge my presence. Those, my friends, are the times you wish you had a cattle prod.

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I get the point - Southern people are generally better behaved in public. (or better mannered). And usually this rule applies to Texas, too (Which is really it's own kind of region).

But people at my school are not very nice to the kitchen staff, etc. Not rude, they just hardly ever say please or thank you. except sometimes to whats-his-name, the guy who gives us extra rice, or veggies, or whatever.


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I am also really anti-frat party. I love my friend Jim's parties, where we all hang around and talk and I'm with my friends. But tons of people spilling beer on me was just never that appealing. I like being able to actually talk with people

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Politeness makes the world go round

Well maybe not, but it certainly makes society run more smoothly. It shows respect for others. It's nice to know other people appreciate the importance of having good manners!