Warning...a little bit of whining.

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People listen to me. My opinions in the real world can be so highly regarded. People want to hear my thoughts and beliefs because I'm articulate and at times, or at least I try, witty.

However, I realize more and more I'm a novelty. No one ever stops to know me or even knows me. I don't want to be dramatic, but it's true in the basic sense and even expanded. People don't stop to know maggie the person and it kills me sometimes.

There is this status where you're a billboard everyone wants to read, but no one stops to take into account there's more behind it.

Maybe I'm upset that I'm far from a soulmate because I'm also far from anything more than a good acquaintance.

Even my "good friends" admit they don't know a thing about me nor understand what I do, but I'm "fun to be around."

Then I get annoyed or a sabotage those friendships so they go away, and I'm alone again. I don't mind it, as long as I'm going somewhere.


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True that. I'd love a be

True that.

I'd love a best friend...

funny thing though is that i imagine having a best friend... but these little day dreams always have a queer undertone to them.


my friends like to keep things superficial though, and i hate it.

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that's life

best friends only appear hollywood's box office movies

anyway, i think i have this curse where once someone gets close enough to be labeled a 'best friend', they'll be gone the next minute
so there.....

matt damon & ben affleck best friends.....plausible, but i don't buy it

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theory still holding true, then, in the general scheme of things. i HAVE got a gf tho- i think she's one of the few people who can see through the bullshit but doesn't think that that in itself is great. she just acknowledges the facade and moves on...like a ghost passing through it. so there u go in terms of soulmate stuff...otherwise - yeah. novelty. i'm so with ya on that. :)

got me thinkin now...damn...

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I guess I want something more

I guess I want something more than just to be somewhat amusing and then channel surfed. I don't believe much in true love either, and in a sense, that's what best friends are.