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So for the first time in a long time today, I was really depressed. It's almost always been an issue, but today it was so much worse than usual. I guess it started when I woke up late today so I could finish up a paper for english. Which ended up being a 3.5 page paper (go me :)), but I missed my favorite period, ceramics. Well, I went to school and shit, got through the day (it wasnt so bad) but then I had to go to the bank after school to cash my pay-check. After frantically seraching everywhere, I realized that I lost it. Figures... And I dont get paid again for 2 weeks... I guess no gas for me. Well yeah, and I had to drive everyone around for a million years. Anyway. I went around and drove on interstate 26 because thats the road I go on when I need to get away. I came home, and I got on my computer. After realizing that I liked yeat another straight guy, I almost died. I just went into hysteria. Not really though, thats kinda like a hperbole! Anyway, yeah, it was bad. I was so sick of being alone, not that im better now or anything, but at least im dealing. But, I'm so tired of living in redneck frederick where everyone is straight and youre crucified if you arent. But, I just cried. After trying so hard with everything, just another straight guy and a dead end. I'm hoping that soon I'll meet someone. And I alos hope that, soon, Rachel and I will be touring... Well thats it, um. Ill write later :)


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sorry its just me posting agian :P I love you hon and you know it. and in ceramics we can make a realy cool bowl :P we wil conquer the world and we will prevail :P .. i have to get up for school in 7 hours :( but i just wanted to declare to oasis how much i love u :)