Well then ..

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My weekend turned out to be a lot more busy than i had originally thought..

Firstly .. a lot of people should know by now about my attraction to Colin Farrel, indeed.. he is number 1 on my list of men in hollywood to shag ... and then my housemate drops this on my bed on sunday morning... or atleast an edited version of that.. heh.

Anyway , i ended up spending 13 hours in a bathhouse on sunday. Which is weird for me.. I don't usually go into the casual sex scene thing, but this was a nice relaxed change.

Just sitting around in nothing but a towel, being social .. chilling and chatting to a bunch of nice (and attractive, and naked) men. It was an experience to remember , i do however doubt i will do it again soon, Next weekend, i are be going dancing.

I also read the first half of the fourth Harry Potter book, which I should be finishing tonight.

Next on my to-read list : Neil Gaiman - American Gods, Greg Bear - Eternity , and the rest of the LOTR books ( i finished 1 of 6 before potter-mania got to me).

Thank goodness I am getting some reading in again. I have been averaging 1 novel a week for the last 2 months. As opposed to 4 novels in most of last year.


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damn 13 hours.. your a pimp:P the ending of harry potter is better then sex though :P

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I always knew you were a litt

I always knew you were a little devil! Hehe! :-)

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American Gods was awesome...

Had to have been one of the best books I've read in the last 2 years.
How do bath houses work? Do you wear a towel until you find someone(s) that you're into and then go into a semi private room and get it on? Or is it just a bunch of big rooms and everyone getting it on everywhere? What's the deal?

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are like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you're gonna get.

but the description is almost exactly the former.