What Can I do?

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What can I do now since I quit classes? I could sleep in, shower, masturbate, draw, and make plans for my future magizine business. I could also clean house for mum, clean 2 bathrooms for Grandpa (i get paid for doing that). I could go for walks with my dog to loose weight, do some healthy eating.

Any other suggestions that I could do to keep me busy? Besides PORNS!!!!!

Yes I quit the college classes I took, since I became so fusterated. Not that its to easy, but it bores me and it makes me feel that nothing is doing anything to get me motivated. It stunk hell on ice.

No its not for good, Im applying either to CMU in Mt Pleasant or RIT in New York.


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well you could make your own porn! and msterbation doe lose its fun after awhile!

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If you just dropped out of school and are living at home rent-free, I think you should definitely be cleaning up for your mom. Her coming home to dinner being cooked would be nice, as well.

As for the weight loss, that should be a goal whether you are in school or not. I mean, why not start at your new school as a skinnier student? Plenty of diet info online, and walking for an hour four times a week is a good start.


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My plan exactly

Thats my plan exactly, better start for me as a beautiful sissy boy strutting his thing on my way to classes. No no on a positive side, It would be healthier, even though I cannot afford paying for gym membership and a trainer. I had one last year but ran out of money unfortunally. Thanks Jeff, yer a sweetheart as usual

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The diet I'm on recommends just what I said, four hour-long walks per week. Gym memberships are nice, but certainly not essential.

My diet is a bit on the extreme side for some people, but is certainly effective. It is described here, although there is an entire book on the subject. You certainly don't have to do anything this extreme for results, though.


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Ooh nice site, thanks man. I;ll try that. *mwah*