What is the best sexually suggestive food?

12% (8 votes)
14% (9 votes)
48% (31 votes)
Hot Dogs
15% (10 votes)
Bran Flakes
11% (7 votes)
Total votes: 65


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oysters and clams

But there's a lot to be said for bran flakes...clean colon connotations and such.

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ha ha

so i looked at the list and i was like uh, all i eat it is fish, and nothing here seems to sexualy suggestive so i'll vote for that and then i voted and it showed the results and i stared at the results for a couple minutes until it clicked as to why so many peopl voted for sausage. i feel soooooo slow, but whatever.

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oscar Meyer

I voted for weiner.

hol's picture

anything fondue and mango

Nope. Sorry the list above does nothing with respect to sensuality, for me.

Although I would like to add that my grandma, who buys me a ridiculous amount of tuna to ensure that if there is a storm or war that I won't waste away, bought me this pepper and lemon tuna and it was damn good stuff.


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nothing did it for me so I vo

nothing did it for me so I voted Bran... lol

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oh yeah

would you lot be as kind as to submit more polls ... =)

we seem to be running short.... so i will start staggering them for longer periods to make them last longer.

I personally prefer having a new poll every few days.. keeps you lot on your toes.

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This is interesting coming from you Rachelle :-)

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nothing there really did it f

nothing there really did it for me. any kind of citric fruit ( u know oranges, lime or esp lemons coz they r supposed 2 feel fabulous on a girl when th person doing th rug munching eats them just before)

what on earth are bran flakes?