What would you do?

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How do yo reach out to someone who has no hope left and is afraid to let anyone close because everytime they did they got hurt?

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trust them

if you let this person know you they will let you know them. make any sense? haha what i mean is that if you trust this person and open up to them, in time they will do the same with you. i find that if people open up to me and tell me their thoughts/feelings/secrets i am more inclined to tell them mine.

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Yeah... I've tried, and I have, and they have opened up... it is just trusting someone and letting them get close... its complicated...

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on trust

It takes such a long time to build, but only seconds to destroy.

Don't make it about getting close or gaining that trust. Just be there, and listen, and let them let you in as they're ready. You can't force it or strategize it, trust just evolves.

You will earn it through action. But it's not an overnight kind of thing.