When good fridays go bad

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Blah. I feel like shit. Actually, i'm just in a shitty mood. Explain, you say? Certainly, but lemme start at the beginning.

Thursday night. I had heard that there was a massive ice storm heading for Indiana due to arrive around 10 o'clock in the morning. This got me excited because maybe, just maybe, school would be canceled and i would have a 4 day weekend. I awoke to find that school was still on...then came 10 o'clock. On the PA system the principal said that classes were to be cut short because we were to get out early. I was very excited at that because that's the first time anything like that had happened. A friend of mine actually cried (on purpose, mind you) because he was so happy. Anywho, i got out of school 2 hours earlier than normal and it was raining at the time. I cleaned my guinea pigs' cage and took an hour and a half nap (incredibly pleasurable).

Then i went to work. It was still raining. I spent my 5 hours at work (at an evil grocery store, like New Punk Boi. not sure if he's still around, but he was on the old oasis.) wiling away the time until i could get off work and go "spend the night at a friends house". About 3 hours after i arrived at work it started to sleet. I was intending to go to a party to relax and have a gay ole time, but my mother set my curfew for midnight. Midnight! I'm 18, a legal adult. But...but but but, the roads were getting crappy. About 5 and a half hours ago (as of typing this) it started to snow/sleet. It's now 1:30 in the morning and its still snowing. There's supposed to be 4-8 inches of snow.

I wish the US followed the metric system. Things would be so much easier. Perhaps we wouldn't have lost so many Mars probes. Perhaps we'd feel more united with the world instead of acting alone.

I wish our presidents would actually start doing the "will of the people" instead of the "will of the prez". I wish he would stop bowing down to the hawkish conservatives and push for peace and civil liberties. Anyone read Ani DiFranco's poem "Self-Evident"? It's powerful.

And listening to Ani DiFranco's "Pulse" isn't lightening my mood up too much either.

Not to mention i need a man badly. For his warming embrace. For his warming smile. For his charm, sense of humor, and style. I need a man.

Well this blog went down the poop-shoot.

Anyone know some Incubus-ish type bands? I love Incubus.

Sorry, its 1:38 a.m. You don't have to read this if you don't want to. I'm random at this hour. I have to work in 8 hours and 22 minutes. Damn.

I feel as if i don't belong to the gay community in my town. You see, we have a Gay-Straight Alliance, but there are ppl that i think are gay, but dont' attend. I'm not saying they have to attend, but it would be nice to know who is accepting. I'll see ppl that i think are GLBT surrounded by other GLBT ppl that i didn't even know went to my school (in a school of 3500 i'm constantly meeting new ppl). There are guys that i didn't even know attend my high school, but i'm glad do.

But on the horizon is one flicker of hope. Topics discussed at the recent GSA meeting was outreach in the community and activism. We even discussed doing things with neighboring high schools' GSAs and the like. Maybe i'll find someone there. I'm sick of being single, and to be honest i don't think it's gonna change anytime soon. At least not until i head off for college. And even then....

Buenas noches y paz!


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I'm here

I'm here but I decided not to further my blog here. I started a new one @ livejournal it's http://kriswell.livejournal.com
Anywho, I just heard about your posting from a friend and wanted to check it out. L8er. Keep up the good work.