Where ya all too?

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I was just wondering where everyeone is from (not exact location) and possibly whats MSN or IM you use?

I am From Canada
IM Justbryan7
MSN MMMdancer@hotmail.com

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where I'm from

I'm from Colorado, but go to school for most of the year in Indiana.
AIM: xphile at nd
Y!Messenger: Starbuck83

(Feel free to IM me, I love chatting w/people)


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north london tinman_parado

north london

tinman_paradox1@hotmail.com feel free to add, i don't bite or draw blood via any other methods, Nor do i add people if they want to speak to me they will, if they don't then i assume it's becasue they don't want to.

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Connect with me....

hey....im from a town right outside of Boston, Massachusetts...

AIM: alyssitachica3
MSN: lislis777
YAHOO: vollygurlliss
PNO(planetout): lissagurl3

EMAIL: lislis777@hotmail.com

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location, location, location...

I'm from Wilmington, Delaware, but I'm at school in Williamsburg, Virigina.


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you know where I'm from...

I grew up in the midwest, but I live in NYC now. And you have to come pick me up in the next scene of our movie adaptation! LOL

AIM you have, anyone else who wants it can write me.


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Leave it to JB to get us all

Leave it to JB to get us all for a party! LOL!
AIM Leisa82

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Re: requested information

Dear Mr "JB" (if that really is your name...),

I have received your request of where I am "from" and what "MSN or IM" I use. I regret, however, to inform you that this request can not be processed at this time due to the large amount of similar requests. Furthermore, given the tough economic conditions, I regret to inform you that such a request as the one made by you (Mr. "JB" (If that really is your name...)) will be attached with a US$ 321.56 service fee (excluding processing fee and shipping and handling). I hope that you are not discouraged from making similar requests in future. I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to your check, er, I mean forwarded request.

Thank you form the bottom of of my bank account,

Charity eTgen

CEO, founder, President and sole employer of
at AIM
located in Illinois

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My offerings

Please accept this Offering of a "Double MARS" bar instead of the 321.56 USD processing fee. The value is much the same in oompa loompa land.



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Dear sir,

We here at at AIM, are completely against the slave driven tactics of "oompa loompa land." And as such, completely reject the exploited work of innocent oompa loompas who were more than likely kidnapped by the Capitalistic Robber-Barron Willy Wonka. We here at completely support the The Movement To Free Ommpa loompa Land From The Tyrannical Rule Of The Evil Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka And Associates. Further, as a member of TMTFOLLFTTROTECDWWAA we accept your Mars bar and will contact you re the requested information.


CEO et. al.
Founder, president and sole member of:
The Movement To Free Ommpa loompa Land From The Tyrannical Rule Of The Evil Capitalsitic Despot Willy Wonka And Associates [TMTFOLLFTTROTECDWWAA]

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Shibby Living

Ahhhs Michigan, what a living dung hole. Aim Tykebytes or Boygasm

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I'm located in Sunny Southern

I'm located in Sunny Southern California, and I must say, the pictures of the snow back east look soooo pretty.

If you want to drop a love letter or some hate mail, it's easiest to reach me on AIM as: ne1zlove.

Or MSN: diamonddog_1972

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Icky Midwest.....

I am in Milwaukee, the armpit of some long forgotten god, a city widely know for its obesity and alcoholism problems! I can smell the brewery down the street from my school whenever the wind is in the right direction. I can be reached at roland12357, most of the time. But I'm not a huge fan of talking online. Unless you're overpoweringly interesting! Which you probably are. No worries:)

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I'm from San Antonio, TX. Any other Texans out there?

AIM: ElAguila6842353


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I'm from Maryland where people are going nuts over 2 feet of snow and duct-taping their windows because they think it will keep them safe from a biological terror attack.

My AIM is: jolie tara
e-mail: jolietara@yahoo.com

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Northwest Philadelphia, born and raised...
AIM: o7592

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On the playground's where you

On the playground's where you spent most of your days? hee hee!

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jb's msn

Okay, so the best I came up with was "male, male, *male* dancer" or "mmmm... dancer". Care to elaborate, darlin'?


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good question!!!
I'm from Northern Minnesota "were the men are strong, the women are good looking, and the children are above average"

I use no AIM
however if you are desperate to contact me I DO use ICQ:
my number is 43373963

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listen closer...

Now, now, Jesse... it's where all the WOMEN are strong and all the MEN are good-looking... :-) Gotta love the genderfuck implications.

~Linds, former Minnesotan

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You from...?

You from Lake Woebegone?

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Where I'm from....

...Auckland, New Zealand.
'City of Sails' apparently? (maybe something to do with the America's cup)
City population approx 1.5 million, total population approx 4 million.

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I am from

South Africa , in one of the biggest cities , Johannesburg.

aim : vertice123
icq : 735289
jabber : adrian@jabber.obsidian.co.za
yahoo : vertice123
msn : vertice123@hotmail.com

*cough* gotta get yourself, gotta get yourself , gotta get yourself connected ....

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im from a hole

im from a hole called cornwall, in ontario (canada). 46 000 ppl. its horrible!! what?? two feet of snow! ha thats nothing! whats aim??

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AIM = AOL Instant Messenger

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I live in the mountains near Santa Fe NM. the population(of santa fe) is around 70,000.
i don't use MSN or IM.

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old post

This is an old post. I was reading it from the top down, and suddenly it had this post from london and i thought to myself 'that's where i come from' then i realised, I wrote it. But that made me EVEN more confused because i didn't rememeber writing that, but then that's because this i wrote the post 10 months ago. yes TEN WHOLE MONTHS ago, in the days when JB wrote a lot and there were fiere conflilcts about subjects such as bisexuality etc.
bucket loads of drama.

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

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i used to introduce myself as being from "Hicksville" NY....apon realizing that there is in fact a completely real and material Hicksville....i now introduce myself as being from Hillsdale...a town in NY completely full to the brim with hicks...gotta love it....
AIM: mamaslilqueer
MSN: shortchica3488@hotmail.com
Yahoo: fairygirl3488

"No Ani those are NOT women, they LOOK like women. wow.. they're puuuurtty" Ani Difranco

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This is for the benefit of others

Antofagasta, Chile... MSN: streamerrules1
I'm not often reachable. I go to a boarding school which prohibits MSN, so I have to use a sneaky pirate site at school. If you want to get in touch, email.

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I live in San Francisco, born and raised here,right outside of the castro, hehe. AIM:Shwarpie, Soph_711@yahoo.com Hit me up if anyone wants to talk or lives in the bay area.