Which celebs should just come out of the closet?

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There are some celebrities that just keep denying it, but come on...we know...

So my picks are:

Male- Kevin Spacey My actor sources have seen him in gay bars in L.A.

Female- Pink Boyfriend my ass.

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Here, here!

Pink is sooo queer.

My picks:

Female - Natalie Portman. Just because I want her to.
Male - Michael Jordon. We need a legend in sports to be queer.

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I am *so* with you on the Natalie Portman thing.


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Y'know, in an interview with Rolling Stone she said she doesn't fall in love with gender, but the person...

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oh, please!

That's so a "don't turn off my gay fans" line.... :-)


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I know, but it's fun to pretend. :-D

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It is fun to pretend. *goes to "pretend" about Natalie Portman*

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hahaha.... Then I must ad


Then I must add Jennifer Garner... mm....

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colin farrell .. just because i want him too.

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Natalie Portman! Yum-i-ness!

Natalie Portman! Yum-i-ness!

Ok, I really need to stop this...

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Liam Nessum,

he frequented the gay bad in Halifax while filming K-19 here. hard ot miss him at a gay bar. he is like 10 feet tall and towers over everyone.

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Sean Biggerstaff....Mmmmmm

Sean Biggerstaff. He's the Quidditch team captain in Harry Potter. I don't have any proof or inclinations that he might be gay/bi but omfg i wish he were. I think it'd be funny if he were gay, though, with his last name and all....

Pink, yeah. Missy Elliot i heard is bi. Brad Pitt, shiiiit dawg.

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"Biggerstaff." I get it.

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Not only that

His character is that of Oliver Wood.

Remember watching the first one with my fag hag and us both elbowing each other when that hottie came on screen.

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He's a cutie...

He has quite an underground following... I went to the midnight showing of the second movie near my college, so it was mostly college people. When he came on the screen the audience cheered... esp. the gay men I was with :-)


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Hehe... Wood

Yes, Wood should definitely come out! *giggle*

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i thought he was gay, ok mayb

i thought he was gay, ok maybe my sources are wrong on that one but im sure someone told me that

~~Liebe kann nicht falsch sein~~

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It's very funny that a guy wi

It's very funny that a guy with the last name of "Biggerstaff" would play a character with the last name of "Wood" . . . what's next? A character named John Cock?

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Did you know that Sean Bigger

Did you know that Sean Biggerstaff got drunk in Canada and was caught naked, only in his socks, and dancing on a brick fence. He also has 6 toes on his left foot. *Sigh* I used think he was pretty when I was younger.

I used to hate it, before I went to an all-girl-school, how all the boys I knew would say "I bet you will turn out to be a lesbian by the time of our reunion," little did they know I was already one. Heheheh Those bastards threw my desk out of a window

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I can (somewhat)confirm the Kevin Spacey thing. Kevin flirted with a bartender one time, and that bartender told his cousin, who told my friend Robert, who told everybody else in the world.


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Yeah, well, that and I met th

Yeah, well, that and I met the man and he was an ass to me.

I usher for the Pasadena playhouse and he was there to see Mare Winningham in "The Side Man" since they went to high school together. With Val Kilmer too...anyway, I was working the 3 minute door and there he is with a black baseball cap. He ignored me completely. I know I'm an usher now but I'm going to be famous. I had to rely on someone who goes to gay bars for their own opinion though. Quite frankly, the heteros can have him.

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Male- Orlando Bloom

Female- Avril Lavigne (she knows it and is hiding...)


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actually...i go to school with someone from her home town. and there's this video of her and this girl, and, well....

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Really? Muah hahahahah... all right, I can dream... but that made my day... sort of, it's sad I know...

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Eek! Another one... Avril

Eek! Another one...

Avril... Skater chicks...

God, I'm lonely and desperate.

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put the tiny fake tiewearing sk8r DOWN!

ur not implying you LIKE avril! eek!

go to www.liquidgeneration.com, then suck my news, then news number 23 (it's all flash so I can't link it..grr) for a funny Avril bash.

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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i like avril. she's actually

i like avril. she's actually one of my favorite female singers.

"you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest, with..... a herring!" (dramatic music)

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Don't think there is any basis for my suspicion....

but it would be grand if Anna Paquin were to be on our team. :-)

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you too??

*sighs* if only, eh?

Oh yeah, and I elect Clea Duvall. And... Pink is quite the eye candy, but why do you put her on the list?

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I just think she's gay and sh

I just think she's gay and should come out of the closet. I'm feeling the vibe. At the very least she's bisexual.


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Can't wait until May, X-Men 2 is released and we get to see Anna in all her mutant glory. LOL!

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Last one, promise...

... :)

I'd say the chick from Newsradio and ER (the one that's dating Carter). And the construction girl on "While You Were Out"

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the construction girl. makes me wish I had a tv, just so I could see her again... sigh.

and could someone just kick Jodie Foster out of the closet once and for all? I had the biggest crush on her when Contact came out... in bed, in the t-shirt, never mind that there's that guy hanging around... such a sexy nerdy girl in that one. :-)

~Linds (after all, "nerdy girls make me hot" -- I still want the shirt that pairs this with "I just had an intellectual orgasm", jules)

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rented Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys just to see Jodie Foster. Horrible movie, but worth all 3 dollars just to see Jodie. :-)

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a lot of my friends really really loved it , and i am going to go see it this weekend.


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I suppose

that if you're a boy you will relate to it more than I could. So perhaps horrible wasnt the correct word. I just didn't relate to it. ;-)

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i love jodie foster... "

i love jodie foster...

"if young love is just a game then i must have missed the kick off"

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MAURA TIERNEY from newsradio

from newsradio/Er
she is married....but she told a reporter once that she would love if her character (abby lockhart) and keri weaver(the lesbian)had a romantic storyline together. or even a one night stand.
so she is probably bi-curious or something.

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omg i used to have the bigges

omg i used to have the biggest crush on abby from ER...im not really sure why though.

~~Liebe kann nicht falsch sein~~

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Same here

Me too.

"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect. We take what we get and are thankful that it is no worse than it is."

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I suspect these 2 male celebs may need to come out!

Jesse Metcalfe-internet message boards are bombarded with speculation that he's gay. Many also suspect that the few women he's seen with are acting as his "beards" or "cover-ups" for his true sexuality. Seann William Scott-There are reports that he has never been seen at any events with a woman. He has also himself admitted in interviews that he has NEVER had a girlfriend??? Kind of suspicious for a gorgeous guy who's almost 30.

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Jodie Foster and Kevin Spacey

Jodie Foster and Kevin Spacey are two of my favorite actors of all time . . . love "Contact", love "Silence of the Lambs", love "K-Pax" . . . I saw Kevin Spacey live in London in a play called "National Anthems" . . . it was the most brilliant acting I've ever seen in my entire life. The play was so amazing, and Mr. Spacey was just . . . wow.

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Sean Maher. And then he should call me.
Or, you know, he could just turn up at my
house... naked. Either would do!

You know what's all the rage this year?
.... Hats.

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I think he'll walk out of the

I think he'll walk out of the closet with Jewel Staite- then we can both be happy :P

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.

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Tom Cruise. I don`t like him much, but he has to be gay... cough..


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He's overdoing the whole clos

He's overdoing the whole closet thing anyways. A baby with Katie Holmes? Okay, Tom, we get the point *wink wink*.

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Jimmy Fallon. and i'm sure th

Jimmy Fallon. and i'm sure there are more but they're just not coming to me right now...

"you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest, with..... a herring!" (dramatic music)

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I know there've been rumors a

I know there've been rumors and I know she vehemently denied them, but......Marcia Cross. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze? She is so frickin' hot it's not funny. She is the only reason I *occasionally* watch 'Desperate Houswives'. Well...she and Felicity Huffman.

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-paul o'grady -ok if your not

-paul o'grady -ok if your not british you wont know him, but i swear he's so gay - and very into drag.
-pink and avril both possible - and i wouldnt kick either of them out of bed.
-kelly holmes, totally. (athletics champion)

~~Liebe kann nicht falsch sein~~

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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Can I just dream away and say

Can I just dream away and say Russel Crowe? PLEEASE? It would just be so nice...