Which celebs should just come out of the closet?

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There are some celebrities that just keep denying it, but come on...we know...

So my picks are:

Male- Kevin Spacey My actor sources have seen him in gay bars in L.A.

Female- Pink Boyfriend my ass.

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Guys: 100% Clay.. Why doesn

Guys: 100% Clay.. Why doesn't he just come out already??

Girls: I read that Pink was an open bisexual, that's good enough :) Then there is Avril who all us lesbians can only dream about.. That would be an awesome one..
But IF Ashlee Simpson EVER had the slightest possibility that she might be bi or gay i would help her make her mind up :) I love that girl ha ha


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Lol rowie, I have always thou

Lol rowie, I have always thought Paul O'grady was out as being gay... heheh...

One day we will start to fly and never look back..

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lol, someone told me he had a

lol, someone told me he had a wife, but you are right i googled him. oh well, at least my gaydar is working...

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^^' Can I say Keira Knightly

^^' Can I say Keira Knightly even though I know it'll never happen.

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Chick Flicks

Male-Leonardo DeCaprio- Because every single movie he has been in has been a romantic movie or a chick flick.

Female- ???- I've never really seen one. But wouldn't it be funny if Britney Spears swung that way. That would be a total shock!

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response to the thread thingy

Tom Welling- hes way to hot, even for an actor to be straight, plus on smallville whenever he looks at a guy his eyes look different.

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he's married to a woman, but

he's married to a woman, but you never know...

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Male: Jared Leto Female: E

Male: Jared Leto
Female: Eliza Dushku....

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I wish that Sara Foster and J

I wish that Sara Foster and Jordana Brewster were gay....
...they played pretty successful lesbians in DEBS

*Hopelessly, I'll love you endlessly*

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Loads of people accuse

Loads of people accuse Jonathan Rhys Meyers of being gay. He isn't. Jonny is my world and I hate anyone who has ever accused him of being gay. He is just very comfortable with himself and doesn't mind acting slightly effeminate from time to time. People who say he's gay are shallow minded arseholes. I know everything there is to know about Jonny and I know for a fact that he isn't gay...... soz, just wanted to clear that up in case anyone decided to mention jonny. lol

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i know i came in on this

i know i came in on this post like years later, but what can you do?

totally for the natalie portman thing. i'd give my left arm - cuz all i need is my right *wink*. keira knightley, scarlett johansson, lucy lui, rosa blasi (from lifetime's strong medicine). not that any of these lovely ladies are gay, but they are just too friggin hot to ignore.

for the guys: tom cruise has got to be. keanu reeves - my aunt new the neighbor of his director/bf way back when.

peace. one love.