Why are Americans so Dumb & Selfish?

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It never stops to amaze me that the American people think they are the shit. Most Americans can't even find thier own state on a map, but yet American society wants to force thier sense of "freedom and values" on the rest of the world. W. and his war machine backed by old men who can't get laid need to back off. the American "Empire" has started to fall. The WTC attacks were the fist battle. I look forward to many more. Americans need to be Humbled and taught to mind thier own bussiness, then maybe, some of them could find thier own state on a map.

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I fully agree that most americans can't find their own state,or for that matter most don;t know where RI is. Um.. folks its one of the orinal 13 colonies.. the first state with total relgious freedom! And it's not an island!
Anyway, america is self absorbed, arragont, and just plain silly. But to say ALL americans are like that it too much. it's sad that other countries think that about the US. However, I think we really do need to wake up and see that it was their fault for the WTC, and frankly- I think we deserved it.

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we deserved...

the deaths of innocent people? No one deserves that.


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bad geography an argument for

bad geography an argument for killing people? At least back yourslef up with something better then that.

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point proven

Thanks Amy, you just proved my point of Stupidity. Bad geography was not the argument. It was an example of American stupidity. You think Americans are so innocent, never slaughter millions? undermine the democratically elected governments in other countries? I won't post the informatioon, I'll make you research it. But its true. The years 1954, 1957, 1977 are all key years when the US openly overthrew demoratically elected governments in other countries, all for Oil and support. The Panama war wasn't abut drugs. Noriega was a CIA operative, when he tried to stop, they went after him. look that up too! thats if, your smart enuff.

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I never said americans were i

I never said americans were inocent. But I dont think mass murder is going to educate them. I dont think killing is ever right even if americans deserve it.

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But you think slaghtering

But you think slaghtering the citizens of Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Iraq is going to teach them a lesson. What Al Quida was horrible, and killing innocent people is awful I know. But at the same time you needed it, so that you could see that there are other Countries out there that are worth just as much as you do. Oh and btw the rest of the world doesn't admire you. We just hate you for being so selfish and mean :)

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you just replied to a post made ten years ago.

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A relief, really

This thing kinda deserved death.

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Listen, you're entitled to your views. But I'm certainly not stupid, and I certainly don't agree with Bush and his warmongering. Does this mean I'm going to dump out my French wine and move to Canada? Of course not. Does this mean Canadians or any other country is any better? Of course not.
You seem to care a great deal about your cause, and that is all well and good. However, this is a discussion board and not a political rally. I think, perhaps, you could make your posts a great deal less aggresive; you might be taken more seriously.

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I tend to agree

The American "innocent" act wears thin
Amreica is not that innocent.

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No kiddin' man

We do all the same stuff as the countries we criticize. If you don't think we have a stockpile of chemical and nuclear weapons, you're naive. We're the biggest threat to the world ourselves. We also incite rebellions to take out gov'ts, assassinate people for various reason, etc.

The scariest thing about all this is that it's a pre-emptive attack. We perceive Irag to be a huge threat (which MI-6 and CIA spies deny) and so we feel we must eliminate them before they might do something. If we were to start destroying everyone who poses a threat, then the world will end. It's like saying "Well, Joe Blow down the street from me has a hunting rifle, I should blow up his house because he might shoot me."

Don't forget that it was the American Gov't that came up with Operation Northwood during the Cuban Missle Crisis. It was a plan to crash a plane full of people into a landmark so we could blame it on Cuban terrorists.

*phew* Thanks for reading my rant.

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As of 1999, there were 31 mil

As of 1999, there were 31 million Canadians, and 275 million Americans in the world. We aren't dumb en masse, there are simply more of us. We don't monopolize stupidity. Case in point: there are several basic spelling errors in the post that began this thread.

The American "Empire" is taking its cues from the British Empire, the Roman Empire, all others that came before it. All empires fall. But do you honestly think you have a better system to offer? Don't throw potshots at authority unless you have a better way of managing things. And DON'T conflate the actions of the government with the actions of individual American people. This messy logic simply makes you look silly.

I'm glad you look forward to more terrorist attacks. As someone who considers NYC her home, I hope that the next one will come directly to you.


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A better system?

Hmmm. A better system than imperialism. Ever heard of socialism

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ahhhh, a cool voice

Thanks for insightful comments, Linds.

I figure plenty of people out there are dumb. But I just try to find intelligent life and stick with that. You just have to know where to look to find intelligent teachers, friends, family members, leaders, writers, artists, etc.


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You know I am getting a litte

You know I am getting a littel tired of the American bashing that goes on around here. I actually was telling Linds that last night, and what do I find this afternoon, more American bashing. I realize that the representation that America currently has reflects on the country as a whole, but you must also realize there are those of us out there that are completely horrified by our country's current state of affairs.

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a clever idea

Maybe we just need to not dignify what is obviously an inflammatory post.

This is me, announcing my boycott of all that is Scum.


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We are in agreement.

Why Jules' example wasn't followed, I'll never know.

Habit is the ballast that chains a dog to his vomit. - Samuel Beckett

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You say Americans are stupid, yet you are the one who doesn't realize that nearly as many Americans who voted for Bush in the last presidential election voted for Gore. And might I remind you that there are indeed anti-war protests in the same country that is going to head the War on Iraq. Not every American is as hawkish as Bush, and not every American is oblivious to the current state of affairs.

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NEARLY as many?

lol, try MORE.

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yeah because letting a maniac kill his own family and citizens is a great idea. America is built on freedom and we will fight to the death. I will die for everyone's freedom, even if you make arrogant/ignorant statements.

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His point still stands

perhaps Mr. Scum made a poor connection to american stupidity and terrorism. Perhaps he makes a poor argument that all we need is humility and then we'll learn geography.

But regardless, his point stays standing. American education is consideraly worse then almost any industrialised nation. More Mexicans can point to the United States on a world map then can Americans. But its not just in Geography were we are lacking. In allmost every subject we are behind every Western nation.

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New Yorker Cartoon

hehe, I always remember the New Yorker cartoon. Two people talking at a party. "I read somewhere that all people are stupid."


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People are generally quite stupid...

...but some are so intelligent you can't believe it. Dan Perkins, aka Tom Tomorrow, writes "this modern world" (www.thismodernworld.com) and he seems to be an extremely intelligent man. At my boarding school, we have many intelligent people, like JD or Nick, (if I ever decide to come out and let you guys read this, I believe you are very intelligent, very special people and you will go far) me included, though I am on the ditzy side sometimes.
Oh, by the way, I fully support your organization. I watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and even though I think Gene Wilder is a hilarious man, the Oompa Loompas are his little bitches.

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I am of the firm belief ...

That there is a limited set amount of intelligence on this planet....

Such a pity the population is exploding.

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I don't support Bush and our

I don't support Bush and our government in much, but I have reasons to back myself up if I choose to argue. I think we are priviledged to live where we do, despite some of the things that go on. My two cents...

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My thoughts

I don't support alot of the politcal leaders and our government becuase it seems they are doing things to make it right for them and the whole pop. and not individuals, and freedoms. I think Americans, myself included, often take things for granted too much, and it fucks up the system, and leaves people behind. I don't know if that made sense...


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I agree

I do agree that the americans need to be humbled, because they do think they're all that, atleast the majority. and i don't support a war altho i do think sum1 should attack again and kill bush because hes an idiot

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Scum, do you know what you get when you put everything and everyone in the same pot? You get an idiotic statement such as yours. Do you think that the average

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lmao nice one buddy

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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While I think that what Scum

While I think that what Scum wrote is pretty inflammatory and insulting, s/he does have a point. I don't think Americans are "dumb" (as in stupid), per se, but I think "ignorant" would be an accurate word to use... Look at the unelected gorilla we have for a president, and the number of American'ts (at least in the redneck-infested anthill of Port Angeles, WA) who still think the Shrub's a good guy.
It says a lot about the US when, despite having enough money to repair every public school and send everybody to college for free, so many Americans decide not to protest when Bush instead spends a third of the national budget on the military. Then, if that's not enough, our legislature decides to ban ALL human cloning (even potentially livelihood- and life-saving therapeutic cloning). Why? Because some of our eminently intelligent Senators and Representatives think a ball of cells grown in a lab that can never grow into a baby is more important and worth saving than a real person, and to use these cells to help someone who's paralyzed or is dying of a hereditary illness would be in violation of what is written in the Bible. Somehow, I doubt you'd see stupidity and ignorance on this level in most other countries.

I'm sure that most Americans probably can point to the US (and their own state) on a map, but most don't want to learn anything other than who won last night's football game. I was on a bus in Port Angeles one time, and I got into an argument with this kid who was saying things like "I hate science" (when I was telling him about things like evolution and the degradation of the ozone layer being scientifically proven facts) and "Mr. Bush has a good head on his shoulders." I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of ignoramuses in any part of the world, but for Christ's sake - this kid was a fuckwit of the variety you simply wouldn't find in most other countries.

Right after the Sept. 11th thing happened, there were all these rednecks driving around my town in their pickup trucks with huge American flags propped up in the back - a lot of people decided to respond with nationalism and chauvinism instead of actually doing some nation-level introspection and looking at how the past and present behavior of the US government has contributed to turning the US into the new British Empire. The Amerikan Empire is falling, but I think that like the Romans, it's because Americans are being poisoned by the lead in the drinking water, so to speak (i.e. the so-called "dumbing-down" of society).

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it is not ignorance

The dumbing down of society that you describe as having noticeable manifestations after September 11th isn't about the dumbing down of society. Nationalism after a disaster is not about a lack of introspective capabilities nor is it about ignorance. Such patterns of solidarity are social facts.


Durkheim and the Functions of Crime


In relation to crime and deviance, therefore, Durkheim was initially faced with a methodological problem that stemmed from the way in which he attempted to theorise the general nature of the social world:

In basic Functionalist terms, if something exists in society it must have a purpose for existing and hence it must serve some kind of function.

For example, since crime existed it was necessary to explain the functions it performed for the individual and/or society.

From Durkheim

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Is defense spending the same thing as military spending? If so, Bush wants it raised from 3% to 3.8%. It's not 33%. Inflammatory pseudo-statistics won't help, ya know? :-)

Not that ignorant,

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Neither will being Naive Linds!

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From what I understand the military absorbes ~3.8% of the GDP. That means that about 4% of all the money floating around in the economy is shuffled into the military. However out of our Taxes, National Defence consumes ~18%. Besides Social Security and Medicare, and other retirement programs [36%,] The military uses more taxes then any other program.

I am not sure if this figure includes military contractors.

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thanks for clarifying that. good to know.


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When I see the responses of this post. its not hard to tell who is american and who is not. all the responses that are american are the one attacking me and not my statements. reflect on your comments and statements, back up your answer. or did you not learn that yet in school? or is it another failing of the american education system?

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i've actually assumed you were american all along...

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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Re: Americans

Well, I don't think my post amounted to an "attack" on you or your statements. People were "attacking" you because what you said pissed them off. Do you think that insulting people is a good way to start a debate?

When I was a high schooler experimenting with various different offensive punk-type fashion statements, my step-father (who, believe it or not, is American - Native American, to be precise) used to ask me rhetorically "Which is better: subversion or aversion?" Well, was your post subversive or aversive? In other words, do you think your post was genuinely thought-provoking or simply offensive ?

If you make a statement that's meant to piss others off, well, you'll probably be successful. If you really want to start some sort of constructive and reasoned dialog with people, remember that in any debate, emotion is not an argument.

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Re: Spending


What I read was that 399.1 billion was devoted to the military, which makes up about one third of the national budget (a little over 1.2 trillion last time I looked). Besides, I was only trying to establish some kind of rapport with this Scum character. Apparently s/he didn't take that too kindly. C'est la vie...

Here's an update to what I wrote... I just looked at a pie chart representing the federal budget and how the money is to be allocated in fiscal year 2004, and apparently, "National Defense" (not a very accurate term these days) will receive about 50%, while 10% will go to education.

I think the wording I used in my first comment was kind of inaccurate - sorry.