Why can't penguins fly? (Warning: I cuss ALOT)

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Hum....damn it, it's not fair penguins can't fly. They are the coolest, and best birds. Damn it all to hell. I hate stupid ass people who want to make fun of penguins...

Ok, enough penguins.. I'm weird, sorry. I'm new so I guess you should know about me:

Name: Gilby
Age: 15 (I will be 16 in May..haha, before you Tasha!!!)
Email: gilby_is@your-house.com
Best Friends: Ethan, Ashley(also an ex-g/f), and Tasha
Fave Bands: Sum 41, KoRn, Saliva, The Vines, Good Charlotte, etc..
Status: Bi-sexual and single.
Likes: Penguins, Green Jello, jumping on couches, 4-wheeler racing, mud wrestling, building websites
Dislikes: Rudeness, asking stupid fucking questions, telling me I ain't punk (or gothic, if you put it that way..)

My Rant(kinda) for the night:
Parker came up to me today and asked if we could try going out again, and once again he won't come out of the closet (It must get fucking dark in there!) And I told him no, because he wants me to pretend we ain't going out, so he can not worry about anything. And as much as I like him, I can't be with someone who would sit there and fucking lie about shit and not be honest. Maybe one of these days....


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Are kick-ass! Finally! Someone who can appreciate my love of penguins! :-)

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I have a ..

plushy penguin hand puppet named Spanky (farscape reference) propped up on my monitor thanks to the grace of some juggling balls ( yes, i really did escape from the circus ) ...

When i first found spanky , i was running around going 'heeeeeellllpppp meeeee.. i've got a gay man stuck up my ass!'

Sadly I do not have a digicam to share the wonders of spanky, gambit and silent bob (my pet rock).