Why me?

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My whole life I have been given hardtimes. I have gone from being suicidal, to not eating, to cutting myself. I have always been different from everyone else. I never knew why and sometimes I wish I didn't know now. Why do I have to be a girl and like girls? It's not that I don't like that about me, but for once I just wanted to fit in. I am so glad that I have found the true me but living in Vermont and not being straight is hard. Everyone thinks that just because civil unions are okay here, then it is okay for the queer to live opening here. I don't understand how that law got past because so many people are against people like me.

Then there is the problem of who do u come out to. I lost my best friend because I told her. That really makes me mad because she is going around telling people that she is not homophobic. Ta hell she isn't. She won't even look at me now because she thinks I am disgusting. Oh well. I have other friends who still like me for me. I am graduating this year so maybe next year in college I can start out with a new life and not have to hide my true personality.