wow the afternoon and false spring

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Oh the afternoon. The sun is out and if I were outside I might hear birds and see squirrels. Mother nature is dangling the sensations of spring (with the exception of warmth) in my face, the sick motherfucker!

I miss the warmth of spring and the sound of the birds and cool afternoon breeze. I'm seeing the signs of what should be coming but it's slow. W may have us at war by the time it gets cold. Meanwhile I'm trying to get myself on track psychologically and academically. I take naps so I can get to class on time. It's odd, like life is odd, I constantly amaze myself at how much time I seem to be able to waste, even when I know I must study. It's also cold. I have nothing really against the cold, its February, time of cold. The only thing is that it feeds into the falseness of the spring.

As you've probably noticed, I have nothing rally to talk about right now, nothing that can go into words or that would be appropriate for this type of audience. That is, I have nothing yet!

Stay tuned kids, I'll get a life this semester.


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ah, the idle thoughts of a dr

ah, the idle thoughts of a dreamer. =)

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Veee dont vant no steenkeeen squirrels