Yet another *fun* filled Friday night...

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I am sooooo bored and very frustrated at the moment. I wish I knew how to go out and meet people, have fun, etc. I'm not old enough to go to the gay bars/clubs in town, and I don't know of any gay "parties" here on campus, lol. I don't even really have any friends throwing parties or anything. There's NOTHING to do!!! :P I could go to one of the numerous mardi gras parties being thrown in the numerous guys' dorms on campus, but I just don't get much pleasure out of being squished in a room with 30 people I don't know, plus everyone there would assume I was straight. *sigh*

I'm thinking I may attempt to get some econ or sociology homework done tonight...or better yet I can pop in "Better Than Chocolate" and enjoy a great movie while my roommate's out partying.

Hope everyone else is having a more interesting weekend than I am. :P



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Well. I went to a gay club. It was like, my first time. It was horrible. I didn't have much time to spare, and it was way too early. There was nobody there. It was worse than the Mardi Gras dance on Friday night at my high school. Is there any other way to meet cool gay people besides the clubs?